Infection Control

For Dr. Martin G. Goebbel and the Southern Boulevard Dental Corporation team, the health and safety of our patients is our number one priority. Ultimate universal precautions — scientifically determined standards and procedures — are taken to guarantee your protection. These precautions start with the use of physical barriers such as gloves, masks and eyewear and extend to disinfection/sterilization methods that all health care providers should use.

Instruments and supplies are sterilized using either an autoclave (steam under pressure) or a rapid transfer dry heat oven. Items that cannot be sterilized by these methods are either one-time-use disposables or effectively disinfected with an Environmental Protection Agency registered, hospital-tested chemical disinfectant.

Our treatment rooms are closed rooms to aid in contamination containment and to lend privacy to the patient. Dr. Goebbel utilized his experience as an infection control officer with the United States Public Health Service, Indian Health Service, to design treatment rooms equipped with a laminar flow air system (negative pressure treatment rooms) to control airborne contaminants generated in the delivery of dental treatment. The treatment room surfaces (counters, chairs, etc.) are cleaned and disinfected with a wipe/stand/wipe technique using chemical cleaners and disinfectants shown to have high tuberculocidal and virucidal capabilities. The rooms are fogged with hypochlorous acid disinfectant after each patient, and the entire building is fogged daily.

If you would like to learn more about our infection control measures in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, or need to make an appointment with our dentist, call our office at 505-892-8600 today.