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Dental Implants in Rio Rancho, NM

What is Implant Dentistry?

If you suffer from periodontal disease or other dental problems and need an alternative to dentures, implants may be right for you. Implant dentistry involves the placement and restoration of dental implants to replace single or multiple missing teeth. There are two types of dental implants – conventional or standard implants and mini-dental implants. Both can be used to support either fixed (i.e. permanently cemented) or removable (i.e. can be taken from the mouth) restorations/dentures.

Conventional or Standard Implants:

Implants are a long term solution when tooth lost occurs in dentistry.

A team approach is utilized to provide this type of implant(s). The periodontist or oral surgeon surgically place the implants and we provide the restoration of the implant(s) – crown, fixed bridge, partial denture, or complete denture. These implants normally require a more extensive surgical procedure and a period of healing prior to the placement of the final restoration.

What are MDI Implants?

MDI implants, sometimes called mini-implants are smaller implants that require much less bone and no lengthy healing time. They are used under dentures and partials to anchor the dentures and provide a more secure fit. They can be placed here in our office and most of the time we can attach the denture the same day or within a couple of days. They do not require an extensive surgical procedure or a specialist.

The MDI System consists of a miniature titanium implant that acts like the root of your tooth and a retaining fixture that is incorporated into the base of your denture. The head of the implant is shaped like a ball, and the retaining fixture acts like a socket that contains a rubber O-ring. The O-ring snaps over the ball when the denture is seated and holds the denture at a predetermined level of force. When seated, the denture gently rests on the gum tissue. The implant fixtures allow for micro-mobility while withstanding natural lifting forces.

How are MDI Implants placed?

Placement of the implants is accomplished quickly and easily in a process performed in the dentist’s office, with local anesthesia or light sedation to help make you more comfortable. Using a precise, controlled, minimally invasive surgical technique, MDI Implants are placed into the jawbone. The heads of the Implants protrude from the gum tissue and provide a strong, solid foundation for securing your dentures. It is a one-step procedure that involves minimally invasive surgery, no sutures nor the typical months of healing associated with conventional or standard implants. The cost of MDI implants is usually much less than conventional/standard implants and all of your treatment is done here at our office. Call us today at 505-892-8600 to see if you are a candidate for this exciting new development in dentistry.